Kate Plasma-Technologie

Cold Plasma-Technology (< 43 °C) 

Since plasma generates energy that oscillates at a much higher frequency than laser light, there is no interaction with the components of the skin, the blood or the connective tissue of the skin, as is the case with laser therapy.

In addition to the good anti-aging effect, cold plasma is the ideal treatment, especially for inflammatory and germinal skin problems.

Also, acne, eczema, nail fungus and herpes infections can be optimally treated with cold plasma. Another advantage of cold plasma is that no chemicals or drugs are used, so no resistance is formed.

100,000 degrees are needed to generate plasma. This energy is transmitted through an electrical discharge. The electrical discharge is then transmitted indirectly through the ceramic pad (e.g., PLABEAU S1). This electrical discharge thus reacts with gas in the atmosphere to transition to the cold plasma state. 1 billion ions are generated per second!

When cold plasma-ions hit the skin, it promotes the growth of skin cells by activating the fibroblasts and collagen. In addition, a regeneration of the skin takes place.