PLABEAU S1 is the result of top Korean scientists committed to redefining and shaping skin care through pioneering work.

As the world's first rechargeable, mobile, plasma-generating skin care device, PLABEAU S1 improve skin texture by emitting plasma-ions that optimally sterilize and regenerate human skin. 

Plasma-ions increase the concentration of hydrogen on the skin surface, which increases the acidity of the skin and kills harmful bacteria.

PLABEAU S1 release hydroxides (OH) to react with the cell membranes of hydrogen ions, creating H2O molecules. This chemical reaction leads to the rejection of old skin cells, while killing harmful bacteria and even super bacteria (= antibiotic-resistant bacteria), which sterilizes the skin, strengthens the skin's immune system and alleviates skin conditions such as eczema, acne, and other common ones skin diseases.

Usually, hazardous chemicals are used for sterilization, which, despite their effectiveness represent an unnatural and dangerous intervention.


Following the recommendations of dermatologists, PLABEAU S1 release plasma-ions in a completely safe and natural process, avoiding the risks of harmful chemicals.