Application and Plabio Innovation

Because of its diverse features, there are various applications for plasma in the industry, for example in semiconductor technology, energy, space and environmental technology. Especially in the cosmetics industry, plasma is used in dermatological centers. They use very large and expensive plasma-generating machines that require power connections and separate gas supply hoses.

The PLABEAU S1 is unique and groundbreaking, as it is the first home appliance that is able to produce cold plasma within a portable device using an energy-saving battery. In addition, it does not require a separate gas supply!

Plabio Inno.jpg

PLABEAU S1 device qualifies as a skin care device because of its very weak effect on human skin.

Further indication for classification as cosmetic plasma skin care device:

  • Current Intensity (A)

  1. Medical Plasma: ~ 1.8 ampere (Effect on the skin cells is important)

  2. Cosmetic plasma: ~ 0.8 ampere

  3. PLABEAU: With our patented nanosecond pulse method (pulse wave length 100 ms / S1), the PLABEAU device has a much lower ampere effect (barely measurable, less than 0.1 ampere) on the skin! The device slides with less than 0.75 W over the skin!

  • Low temperature effect (below 43℃) of cold plasma on human skin

  • Test series and studies have confirmed that bacterial inactivation and normal cell survival are possible below 1 watt

In addition, we are observing the new EU Medical Devices Regulation (EU 2017/745), which came into force on 25 May 2017 and has to be implemented by May 2020. We confirm that, as far as we know, our PLABEAU S1 device do not fall under Groups 1-6 of Annex XVI on page 173 of the Regulation.