Unsere Geschichte

Inventor, pioneer and global market leader in the field

of cold plasma devices for home use!


With the goal of establishing ourselves as the world's leading manufacturer of plasma-based products in everyday life, we were the first company worldwide to successfully develop and establish portable plasma-based health and care devices on the market.


We also operate a plasma research and development center to create a paradigm shift in industry.

To promote health, we develop a variety of product lines by bringing the latest plasma technology to the market: skin care, scalp care, air purification and for pets.

Our innovative PLAMEDI & PLABEAU product lines are produced in Korea and are available through us or through our partners in Europe.

About us
Mission & Vision

We have set ourselves the task of living with our technology and end products to help people and their favorite pets, who are exposed to the negative environmental influences of the urban environment, and to improve and maintain the quality of life day by day.

With state-of-the-art and innovative products that protect us from viruses, bacteria, skin problems and fine dust, Plabio is committed to promoting health, beauty and satisfaction.

Environmentally conscious & sustainable

Plabio manufactures products for everyday use and integrates cold plasma technology into our everyday life in order to use its beneficial properties.


The most natural and safest way to neutralize viruses and bacteria, to purify water & air without producing harmful by-products and without harming the environment.

Due to our patented and innovative cold plasma technologies, our products differ from other plasma generating devices.

As environmentally friendly products that generate plasma and realize its effects through a completely natural process, our devices represent a successful and scientifically proven way for people to carry out plasma technologies in a safe, convenient and effective way.